Hilaire Belloc



Best Price Guarantee

  1. In order to prompt customers to make an immediate booking many accomodations choose to guarantee that the price given to customers on the accommodation24.com website is as low, or lower, than any other price that can be obtained elsewhere for the same room-type at they accommodation for the same date. This is reffered to as Best Price Guarantee.

  2. In the event that you choose to offer a Best Price Guarantee, you shall warrant that the customer cannot obtain a lower price for staying at your accommodation in the same room-type on the same dat than those submitted to accommodation24.com, on any advertisement, publication, other website, by booking directly with you or through a travel agent or by any other means. If a customer books with you through accommodation24.com and subsequently discovers a lower price elsewhere for the same booking then you are obliged to refund the difference to the customer. accommodation24.com will be entitled to retain the full commission on the original booking amount.

  3. You hereby indemnify accommodation24.com agains any and all claims by customers in respect of the lowest price guarantee reffered to in clause 1. an 2. above.